Our NEW CD has been released!!!!! THURSDAY Oct 30 at SCHOLZ 6pm…FRIDAY HALLOWEEN at the BROKEN SPOKE!!!

Thursday Oct 30 at Scholz Garten- 600-730PM


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FRIDAY – HALLOWEEN  at the Broken Spoke!!


Broken Spoke James Caddy

Our NEW CD has been released!!!!!




1) Over the Hill and Down the Road (Hurd)  2:15

2) The Death of a Honky-Tonk Fool (Hurd-Crider) 3:00

3) Pretty Little Lies (Hurd) 3:08

4) The Company of Strangers (Hurd) 2:54

5) Comin’ Down After Being in Love (Hurd) 2:47

6) My Baby’s a Lot Like Brown Sugar (Hurd) 2:22

7) When You Smile (Crider) 2:13

8) Life As You Want It (Hurd) 2:47

9) The One You Still Love (Hurd) 3:21

10) Cemetery Road (Hurd) 3:14

11) Your Faith in Me (Hurd) 3:28

12) A Hard Act to Follow (Hurd) 3:08

13) While the Band Plays Every Time We Say Goodbye(Hurd) 3:03

14) Blues for the Big State (Hurd-Crider) 4:31