Rockets, Romance and the Rhythm of the Road – CD (2020)




We are a Texas Dance Band. We play rock and roll, love songs and songs about Texas. It swings.


It’s never been about what once was

It’s always been about what could be

It’s about that mysterious and enchanted place

We are born to dream

Don’t ever let them tell you that you can’t sing


  1. When You Come Back to Me (Hurd) 2:03
  2. Old South Austin (Hurd) 2:33
  3. Flying Saucers Rock and Roll (Scott) 2:05
  4. Going Away Party (Cindy Walker) 3:51
  5. I’m Tired (Tillis, Price, Peddy) 1:56
  6. Please Talk to My Heart (Mathis, Fautheree) 3:09
  7. Ramona (Hurd/Crider) 2:00
  8. Midnight in Amarillo (Bowman) 2:27
  9. Heat Wave (Holland-Dozier-Holland) 3:09 10
  10. The Sound of Your Voice (Hurd) 3:05
  11. Rhythm of the Road (Hurd) 3:00
  12. Crying Drunk (Hurd/Crider) 2:52
  13. The Outskirts of Heaven (Hurd/Crider) 2:26
  14. Down Home Girl (Leiber, Butler) 4:22
  15. Albatross (Peter Green) 3:06