XX – Cornell’s Twentieth Album – CD (2014)




The Cornell Hurd Band brings you their 20th album.


Hard drivin’ honky-tonk from Austin’s favorite dance band.

Songs about romantic failure, alcoholism, hope, gratitude and Texas.

The Cornell Hurd Band remains “the Most Trusted name in Show-Biz”.


1) Over the Hill and Down the Road (Hurd)

2) The Death of a Honky-Tonk Fool (Hurd-Crider)

3) Pretty Little Lies (Hurd)

4) The Company of Strangers (Hurd)

5) Comin’ Down After Being in Love (Hurd)

6) My Baby’s a Lot Like Brown Sugar (Hurd)

7) When You Smile (Crider)

8) Life As You Want It (Hurd)

9) The One You Still Love (Hurd)

10) Cemetery Road (Hurd)

11) Your Faith in Me (Hurd)

12) A Hard Act to Follow (Hurd)

13) While the Band Plays Every Time We Say Goodbye(Hurd)

14) Blues for the Big State (Hurd-Crider)